Wednesday, July 22, 2015

8 weeks A.D. (After Diet)

Well here I am, 8 weeks after my diet, doing my best to maintain. The hurdles are piling up. The McDonald's next to our office that was closed during my whole diet, opened back up in last few weeks of my journey. Plus just the chaos of taking a large group to Italy, then coming back to plan another event in the next month, kind of wears you out.

But have no fear!! I have not lost my moxy! I am determined to hold this for as long as possible. I have made some serious life changes, portions and self control. I am sad to announce I have gained 3 whole stinking pounds back in the last 2 months. 3 rakk-a-frakkin pounds! They mock me in my sleep. But it could have been worse. Fortunately I did not make good on my promise to eat 30 Big Macs right after the diet.

However, those 3 pounds are enough to have me worried. It always starts with a couple innocent little pounds, but then they invite their friends, then they invite their friends and before you know it, you have the next Delta House blow-out happening in your body...or maybe I should say blow-up!

Now I did try to cancel my membership to my gym when we returned, since PMQ was footing that bill and the diet was technically over. Man, they lock you in for life! Their immediate response was, "No problem. Just provide proof you are moving out of range of any of our locations and that won't be a problem.". After some indignant arguing on my part, I finally responded, "Ok brother, I'm moving to Syria. You guy's have any locations in Syria?!". And without a beat I was met with, "Of course not. Just provide proof of residence and we'll let you out of the contract.".

I've never really been a meat-head, or gym rat type, more physically ambiguous, but currently my soul belongs to my gym for the next 8 months. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. One reason I didn't join gyms is because I always lose interest. I'm on the hook for the next 8 months...that interests me.

I have been getting back into the gym slowly, couple days a week. Just to get my moneys worth. But there is nothing like the feeling after the workout. Accomplishment, fulfillment, strength, and all the other adjectives that equal getting off your arse and doing something good for yourself. I have a motto I received on a tie pin from my grandfather, YCDBSOYA: You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Arse. It really applies to anything in your life.

While I never really went on a food binger after my return from the Food Valley of Italy, I have made sure to hold myself to responsible portions. I did venture out from the pizza realm once the diet was over, but kept everything under control. My main enemy is the lack of working out. With that currently being remedied, I am about to venture into another 4 month stint of pizza, portion control and pumping iron. I would like to take my current success as a starting point and delve down back into my previous P90X weight. I would like to go from 258.2 ( my current weight) down to at least 230 by Nov. 27th. I will start my next journey July 27th.

I will immediately find myself in distress as I will be doing a Pizza Adventure through Colorado following Richard Ames, of Daddio's Pizza. We will be following him on his adventure visiting Pizzerias and PMQ's Think Tank members. We will have a panel with some independents and then get to visit their shops. I then immediately return to home base only to set out on a couple vacation days back to Good Ole' Indiana, to marry my best friend Craig Swearingen. Wait, wait!!!! I won't marry him, I will officiate his ceremony. Yeah that's right, I'm an ordained minister. I've already married our art designer Eric and associate Editor Andy. Granted, against their will, but now it's the courts problem.

I will try to hit a few of my old pizza haunts along the way, while seeing a lot of familiar faces and loved ones. But fielding a hurdle such as this in the beginning of your journey can either make or break your efforts. I was able to manage it well in Ohio the first go round, I think I have this under control. Just tune into my facebook (Brian Hernandez) in case I falter. Your encouragement and comments always help. It's like all of America is my diet/gym partner.  :') I love you guys so much!

I lost the weight, but didn't lean out as much as I would have liked...scratch that, as much as I should have in my mind, at no ones fault but my own. With a renewed sense of vigor, I'm dragging my co-workers to the gym with me. I don't care if it costs me $7 a guest pass. It's always better to have a partner in physical
misery! Eric Summers, Kara Hoffman, I'm coming for you. Plus my pool just opened so I'm gonna pay the $50 and get a summer pass and do laps at lunch, Andy Knef, I'm coming for you with this one. Plus I'm tired of being the whitest Mexican in town. By the end of the season I will be a Bronze Adonis. Greased up muscle pics to follow.