Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weeks 15-17: Past, Present,and Pizza

Well the end of my journey has presented itself. Using the food I love to reshape my body and life for the better, against all the nay-sayers who say pizza can't be good for you, I walk away triumphant!

My final weight at week 16 was 257.2, down 29.4 lbs. from 286.6, and a 45" navel measurement, down from 49.25" 4 months ago. Almost 30 pounds and 4 inches down!

Week 15 saw me preparing to take the US Pizza Team to Italy for a competition. I was able to lose 1.4 pounds that week, but the loss slowed in week 16 during the final days before the Herculean task of herding the U.S. Pizza Team at the World Pizza Championships, only losing .2 pounds.

I am still extremely happy with my results. I feel better about my body and health. And I plan to continue my routine for as long as possible.

Week 17 saw me in Parma, the food valley of Italy . Cheese, prosciutto and wine aplenty. the U.S. Pizza Team performed admirably, improving scores from last year and even taking second place in freestyle acrobatics, and despite the temptations I was able to maintain some discipline on my meals. Only a couple days where the portions were larger than I would have liked, but when you are learning to make an 8 course meal at Academia di Barilla, you eat what is presented!

I took an extra day in Italy to try to unwind from the chaos that is the World Pizza Championships. I ventured to Venice, no translator, no plan, just one lost American. After a lengthy train ride, dodging pan handlers and a huge language barrier, I stepped off the platform to the beautiful sight of the grand canal. Giving in and allowing a hotel porter service to help me find my hotel, I made my way a quarter mile through the crowded streets, up the 3 flights of stairs, and then I was in an expensive closet, oh wait, I mean my hotel room. However, it was right on the canal, which wasn't that bad.

Cleaned up and ready to go, I immediately walked out the door and started taking random turns. Having sufficiently lost my self in the city, I sat down for a whiskey and a Margherita pie at Dolfin Ristorante Pizzeria. Completely stuffed after a few slices, I headed back to the hotel for some rest, I made a few circles and retraced some steps, but in the end, found my way back.

Rested up from my day adventure, I chose a pizzeria closer to the hotel this time to avoid getting lost at night. I ventured to the Mari Bar right on the canal. I sampled a Marinara pie for the first time ever. It was quite a tasty thing for having nothing on it but sauce and garlic.

Having survived my "pleasant" travel experience back to the U.S.A, I weighed myself
to see what damage had been done. Lo and behold, I actually lost a whole extra pound!! Finishing the 4 months at 256.2 lbs. All the walking and maintaining the portion control paid off!

All in all, the Pizza Diet has been one of the most inspiring and life changing events I have embarked upon. It's not about what you eat, it's about how you eat it. I know this is basic knowledge for any dieter, but it takes a lot to change your mind set and create new habits. And once you create new, better, healthier habits, you better keep to it. Nothing in life comes easy, but in the words of the great George McFly, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."