Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 9 and still doing fine!

Week 9 rushed by me so fast, I reached out to grab it only to get a handful of dust in the shape of Week 9. But the momentum has continued in my favor! I am down to 263.4 pounds, and just under 46" navel measurement, and this time I brought the proof. I realized a lot of this was going on my word, and while my Mom believes every word I say, I also realized some of you may not. After all, I am very sneaky.

Now as I was able to get in a few runs to the gym , I’m sad to announce I have been neglecting an important part of the training, HI IT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is where most of the fat will be burned. It’s basically 6 short 30-second bursts of, well, high-intensity workouts. Example: sprinting as fast you can for 30 seconds on a treadmill that is not on, or other such high- intensity moves. I have a renewed motivation to hit this hard again as the weight loss has slowed down significantly. I will most likely be riding my bike to and from work a couple of days a week now. I live at the top of a hill and work at the bottom. So the ride home will be a nice intense workout, most likely in short bursts for a while.
I treated the office to a Pizza Friday--on Thursday--so our office mates who don’t work Fridays could participate. I was basically burning off some ingredients before they went bad, but it is always well received.We made another Popeye from Master Pizza, one of my breakfast pies and the famous BLT Pretzel Crust. I also burned off some ingredients at my house with a new take on the potato pie. I fried up some thin red potato slices, and made and Alfredo base pizza, with spinach, artichokes, parmesan, some diced tomatoes, sweet corn off the cob, rotisserie chicken breast, green onions and leftover ricotta garlic mix. I used light ingredients to not overwhelm the pie. The flavors worked well together, especially the cheeses. Now my fridge is clean and ready for the next round of ingredients.

I have noticed the pace of my loss slowing in the last few weeks, and I'd be lying if it isn't a little discouraging at times. I am very happy to be able to maintain, but the initial joy of the immediate results has waned. This is something I have been prepared for, but it’s still never fun. This got me thinking about other diet trends out there--is there anything as unique as my approach that people are having results with.

Now aside from you run-of-the-mill no-carb, no-sugar, no-water, only water, no-food diets out there, I wasn't able to find anything as interesting and unique as this diet. I was, however, pointed to an article in Prevention Magazine about the health
My Basil Plant, Herb
benefits of pizza. That’s something most of us knew, some are relearning and others had no idea about. They offered several recipes to try for a healthy slice, but the best part was just the two examples they gave at the beginning of the article about two of my favorite toppings. The tomato sauce in your pizza is a great source of one of Mother Nature's best disease-fighting compounds, lycopene. Not to mention a great dose of your daily Vitamin C, and in that combination, studies have shown consuming a healthy amount of this natural wonder sauce can reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease! But the part I did not know, and was very excited to hear about, was how basil was able to deactivate cancer-causing toxins that leak into our food from pesticides, pollution and other environmental bad guys. I’m glad to know I can use it for more than just stuffing my pillows. The scent helps me sleep...stop judging me! 

With my knew determination to kick my own arse in the gym with HI IT sessions, I’m off to start sweating away my shame from lack of intensity. I’m also loving the little nutritional facts I’m uncovering on this journey to a better Brian. I have 7 weeks left on this journey, at least this first leg. I plan to maintain this as long as I can and at least get to my goal of 245. I will see you all there, I'll be the one hiding behind the Stop Sign pole--you might not see me!


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