Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 13: Better late than never!

Well America, I have those 2 pounds I owe you. I am down another 2 pounds from 262 to 260. It was a hard trek but obviously worth it.

This week there really isn't much to report on. I buckled down, got into the gym for my three days, and kept
portions under control. Motivated by my less than stellar performance in weeks 10 and 11, I can hold my head up this week as I'm that much closer to breaking the 250 barrier.

Once again I kept my recipes simple. This week I made a bacon pizza.
If I have to tell you the recipe, shame on you! Albeit, slightly overdone, it still tasted great, but was simple, small, not over filling. I have my chicken defrosting now for another great tasting pie next week. Alfredo chicken and broccoli!

While this week has very few interesting stories, that in itself is a great triumph. I have recovered my momentum and am heading back down the correct path. I have received a workout buddy. An old friend from Indiana reached out to me and confessed he has begun his own journey. And his results mirror mine. We both started around the same weight and have lost about the same amount. I think he might actually be beating
me by a pound or two. It's always nice to have someone who is in the exact same boat
you are. I have several workout buddies and motivators already, including Matt McLellan and Jay Sherinsky, but they are in a slightly different boat. Matt is already well toned and has lost the weight. Even in his first incarnation, he was never really that big. But trying to come down from the amount of mass I was and still am carrying is a different story. My new buddy has a little more understanding of the difficulties and triumphs associated with this type of loss. Thanks buddy!

With 3 weeks left I'm pushing myself as hard as I can. I can see the finish line for this leg, but I have no set finish line for after. I'm gonna keep the momentum going as long as I can.

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