Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 10 means start again. >:0

Well, um, my name is Brian, and I gained a pound.

My Week 10 numbers have increased slightly. I went up to 264.2 pounds from 263.4, and back to 46" navel measurement from 45.8".
My first real backslide in this diet has set me all astir inside. The beginning of this week started out very gloomy. The weather has been teasing us with a day or two of sunshine before regressing to its 3-month long deluge of craptastic weather. Oh cruel Mother Nature -- what has your pants suit in a bunch?

Now this is no excuse, as I don’t work out outside, but I do get affected by gloomy weather at times, as I'm sure most of us do. It is even has a name, but I'm too S.A.D. to remember it right now. The main let down to this was my intention to start riding my bike again for the HI IT workouts. As I said, this is a sad list of excuses as I could do this at the gym, but I was set on doing it in the sunshine, burning some real calories from the warmth.

My lack of exercise coupled with a few larger-than-normal portions and tripled by less-than-stellar water
Pi. Get it?
consumption equals gain. Now I'm no mathamagician, but this equation is not the best.

So what do I do? Wallow in self pity? Feed my discouragement chicken nuggets? Or man up, put on a rain poncho and get my butt rolling? While I do like my nuggets, I'm gonna opt for door No. 3, plus I look great in ponchos! I did get a brief HI IT session in on Saturday, but it was too little too late. I'll be hitting the gym my required three times this week.

But in the midst of the gloom and doom of Week 10, I was able to have a little fun. Me, Daniel, Melanie (PMQ's awesome video team) were able to sneak away for an Adventure in Pizza to Fulton, Mississippi, home of Stan Miller and World Famous PieZons Pizza, the state’s largest pie and some fantastic pizza art. Stan is a second-time USPT member after winning some events at the National Pizza Trials at Mellow Mushroom in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stan walked us through the origins of his artistic endeavors then teamed up with me in wishing our team good luck in Italy. The funniest thing about his large 30" pie, it is only 30" because that's as big as it could be and still fit out his doors.

With my food stores replenished…until the next millenium, I was still craving a new pie for the end of the week. I went back to an old favorite of mine, the
Chicken Bacon Ranch. I had been thinking about it for a while -- then I was able to get one at PieZon's. That just sealed the deal. It's as simple as it sounds. I grilled up some chicken, fried up some bacon, mixed up some ranch. Jumbled it all together, then threw it on a pie. Put some cheese on top and enjoyed. You can also do it with ranch sauce as the base and just add the chicken and bacon on top, but taking a cue from Stan, I drenched the chicken and bacon in the ranch for a complete flavor blast in every bite.This was actually a little healthier as it used less ranch than making it the base while not sacrificing the flavor

So without any more excuse making, self pity or tears on my basil filled pillows, I make this vow to you
America, and all those abroad harassing me on a daily basis. I will lose this pound plus three more by the end of week 12. The goal is 260.2 pounds. I'll see you in 4 pounds!

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