Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 5, Still Alive!!

Well, week 5 is down for the count.

After my harrowing adventure in the arctic north...well midwest...with surprising continued success, I returned home motivated and renergized.

This 5th week flew by fast, but keeping pace I found the time to hit the gym a couple times (gotta keep my pump), and kept strict to my diet. My trainer Jay Sherinsky decided to change up a little on my plan, just a few nutrition numbers and added some Vitamin C to the mix. Hopefully this will help in this cold and flu season as my immune system consists of two Siberian hamsters with fly swatters.

Upon returning home, I was able to nourish myself for the first couple of days on the array of pizzas that returned with me from Ohio. Unfortunately, it was too much to go through. I made sure to eat a different slice every meal until it was finally time to discard the rest. I remembered I had some ingredients for a mashed potato pie I was going to try. Mouth already watering, I went to the fridge and remembered, D'oh...I had no D'ough. What do I do with my ingredients? They're about to go bad and I don't have time to wait for the dough to rise. I decided to take them and make some roast beef rollups. My one cheat meal for the week. I took the mashed red potatoes I made, mixed with green onions, turkey bacon, balsalmic glaze and a little cinnamon, and rolled them up into the slices of roast beef that would have been broken up  and added to the pie as a topping. Put a toothpick in them and fried them in the house salad dressing I stole from Master Pizza on my visit. Added more green onions to the top, and viola, Red Potato Roast Beef Rollups, or RP-RB-R's as I call them. Sounds like a droid from Star Wars doesn't it?!

 I eventually made some dough balls, and went back to my main staple, the Omma-Lotta-Goodness, or breakfast pie. With that to sustain the integrity of the pizza diet for the beginning of Week 6, I am buying ingredients to try that mashed potato pie again. I'm looking to incorporate a few more carbs into the diet for my workouts. When it is done I will put the recipe for the pie and potatoes in the Recipe Bank.

So down to business, I do have some concerns about the future. Not as much in that I am getting tired of pizza or this isn't working. Obviously, it is. It is more a trepidation about what is coming ahead. I have lost the easy weight. Now comes the hard part. Hard work, consistency, motivation. I have done this before, and I know I can do it again, but I would be foolish to ignore the past. This is usually the part where you miss a day, then one becomes two and so on. At least for me. I am inherently a lazy person. Just the way I was built. But seeing these results is a great motivator. Feeling lighter on my feet, having less aches, being able to scratch more of my own back! Who doesn't want all that? So now the honeymoon is over and it's time to work to make my relationship with this diet a successful one. But all being said and done, I'm down from 271 to 268 pounds and from 46.6" to 46.25" from week 4 to 5. Not bad a'tall. Anybody who would like to offer me a recipe to try on this diet, please do so. I am willing to try anything...except anchovies. Oh, and no Pizza Cake until I'm off the diet please. Already been suggested quite a bit!

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