Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weeks 7 and 8: Still doing great

Halfway done! The 2-month mark of this journey has seen ups and downs, but mostly downs, on the scale that is!

Week 7: Down 1.2 pounds to 265.8 and down a quarter inch to 46" on the navel measurement.

Week 8: Down 1.6 pounds to 264.2, but maintained the 46" navel measurement.

Month two round up, down a total of 22.4 pounds and 3.75".

The seventh week proved a little difficult for me. After having returned from a 10-day trip, then losing 3 days to the plague, I was in major catch-up mode. I personally didn't know my email account could hold that many messages, but I muscled through and regained the reins on my professional life. I was able to escape to the gym a couple days to keep my pump going, and I did not over indulge on meals, due to my renewed will power. However, some of my pizza portions were larger than usual. I was feeling drained, the hamster wheels were slowing down and just needed some energy. But luckily, it wasn't enough to tip the scale in the wrong direction. The tricky part is getting back into your routine after a break of that length.


Popeye Pizza
So with my hamsters re-energized, I revved my engine and sped into the fast lane of Week 8, only to immediately get stuck in a traffic jam. Michael LaMarca of Master Pizza visited our test kitchen to shoot a couple recipe videos. I offered my spare room to him and we stayed up all night for three days having pillow fights and making prank phone calls. During the day he showed us some of his award-winning pizzas, including the Popeye and the Three Little Pigs. They were uber delicious and sustained my menu for the week. I also treated myself to a martini and a cigar on St. Patricks Day, okay, two martinis…and a stout beer, don't judge me.

Having had some larger than normal pizza portions week 8, as well as a couple light non pizza meals, I was a little down on myself. Feeling guilty from lack of gym visits and cheating on the diet. This motivated me to get to the gym to sweat out that guilt. Bundled up in a hoodie from my old pizzeria, I figured I'd sweat the guilt away. I walked into the gym, right into a wall of arctic air! For some reason they were blasting the AC and ceiling fans! So I zipped up and worked extra hard to produce some results. Luckily the radio was pumping out Pearl Jam hits, which is what I work out to at home, so it definitely helped on my journey to become a Betterman.

Pizza wise, I was finally able to make my mashed potatoes pie! An olive oil and minced garlic base, I spread the mashed potatoes on after, added some mozzarella, then fresh-cut corn right off the cob. Some shredded black forest ham, and a little more mozzarella, then some little chunks of the potatoes on the top to get crispy, like twice baked potatoes. Bake at 450 for about 5-7 minutes, then about a minute before finished, add shredded cheddar, finish baking, then add fresh green onion and drizzle with sour cream. Tastes so good you'll plotz!

Two difficult weeks yielded more loss and another great milestone. I was finally able to fit in the chef coat that is a size smaller than my current one…and I can breathe! With this achievement I am convinced I can get close to my goal of losing 40 pounds by May 22, but whatever the end result, I will be satisfied. I am bettering my health and self esteem through just pizza. That in itself is an achievement to be proud of.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week 6 - And there was much rejoicing...Yay!

Well, week 6 was interesting to say the least. Home from my arctic trek for the first solid week, I was energized, raring to go, nothing can stop me--except some microscopic beasties. Unfortunately, I came back to the second coming of the plague. Having vanquished my first wave of viral villains before my trip to Ohio, I returned to a veritable Den of Doom, Shack of Sick…ok, enough with the colorful euphemisms. Every one in the office was really, really sick. Thinking I missed the bacteria boat, I was sitting high on my horse, until the next morning, when the fever hit. Ok, you know the rest, missed some work, definitely missed my workouts, feeling better now.

I am happy to say that I was able to eat this time around and stuck to my diet. I noshed on my breakfast pizza that was made and ready to go. All the while thinking about the next pie I'm planning to make, the legendary Mashed Potato Roast Beef pie. My white whale. But I will have thee, mark my words.

So not wanting to venture to the real world for supplies, I raided my personal stores. There I came up with
one of my favorite combinations. An Alfredo Spinach Artichoke Pizza. I finished this combo off with some diced tomatoes, sliced red onions, minced garlic, Parmesan cheese and turkey bacon…yes it IS a kind of bacon!! I also made my next week’s breakfast pie. As always, the hardest part is not eating 3 or 4 slices when it’s still hot and fresh. But I maintained!

This weekend I was also able to get out to the theater again. I've been waiting for something worth my while
to come along and it found itself in the movie, “Chappie”. I love the director's style. But who can go to the theater and not get popcorn? This guy right here!! Luckily, my theater serves an array of finger foods, up to and including pizzas. I was able to get a very thin 10" cheese pie to fend off the movie munchies. Wasn't that bad either.

Now here's what it boils down to. There are many diets out there. Similarly, there are many different body types out there. You need to do what fits your body type and lifestyle. I've looked into many diets in the past. Low Carb, Bacon and Eggs diet, The 5 Day Turkey, Berry & Yogurt Diet (yes, it's a thing). No one diet will work for everyone. You have to have a diet and exercise program that will work for your lifestyle. My lifestyle just happens to revolve around pizza, so the choice for me was obvious.

I am down about 20 pounds in 6 weeks, but this is not easy. Yes I eat only pizza, yes I am losing weight. But I am also monitoring my intake. I am also exercising more than I used to. I am also driving right by the dang McDonald's next door to my office that I have to pass every darn day. Right by it people! Plus the
abundance of Girl Scout cookies that just arrived does not help. It comes down to accountability and discipline, in your choices and in your day-to-day life. Trust me folks, I don't want to be using a lot of grown up words like accountability and discipline, but that's what this journey has led me to, whether I like it or not.

Week 6 round up, down another pound to 267 lbs. and maintained my navel measurement at 46.25". This small victory still has me excited! Who knew I could achieve such lofty goals with the aid of pizza. Now almost half way in, I wish to up my workout regiment to help in the weight loss and toning of my manly physique. As I said last week, now comes the time of extra hard work and determination to keep the momentum I have started. Luckily, I have been able to create new habits of eating smaller portions, and a little more self control. This is a cake walk…mmm…cake.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 5, Still Alive!!

Well, week 5 is down for the count.

After my harrowing adventure in the arctic north...well midwest...with surprising continued success, I returned home motivated and renergized.

This 5th week flew by fast, but keeping pace I found the time to hit the gym a couple times (gotta keep my pump), and kept strict to my diet. My trainer Jay Sherinsky decided to change up a little on my plan, just a few nutrition numbers and added some Vitamin C to the mix. Hopefully this will help in this cold and flu season as my immune system consists of two Siberian hamsters with fly swatters.

Upon returning home, I was able to nourish myself for the first couple of days on the array of pizzas that returned with me from Ohio. Unfortunately, it was too much to go through. I made sure to eat a different slice every meal until it was finally time to discard the rest. I remembered I had some ingredients for a mashed potato pie I was going to try. Mouth already watering, I went to the fridge and remembered, D'oh...I had no D'ough. What do I do with my ingredients? They're about to go bad and I don't have time to wait for the dough to rise. I decided to take them and make some roast beef rollups. My one cheat meal for the week. I took the mashed red potatoes I made, mixed with green onions, turkey bacon, balsalmic glaze and a little cinnamon, and rolled them up into the slices of roast beef that would have been broken up  and added to the pie as a topping. Put a toothpick in them and fried them in the house salad dressing I stole from Master Pizza on my visit. Added more green onions to the top, and viola, Red Potato Roast Beef Rollups, or RP-RB-R's as I call them. Sounds like a droid from Star Wars doesn't it?!

 I eventually made some dough balls, and went back to my main staple, the Omma-Lotta-Goodness, or breakfast pie. With that to sustain the integrity of the pizza diet for the beginning of Week 6, I am buying ingredients to try that mashed potato pie again. I'm looking to incorporate a few more carbs into the diet for my workouts. When it is done I will put the recipe for the pie and potatoes in the Recipe Bank.

So down to business, I do have some concerns about the future. Not as much in that I am getting tired of pizza or this isn't working. Obviously, it is. It is more a trepidation about what is coming ahead. I have lost the easy weight. Now comes the hard part. Hard work, consistency, motivation. I have done this before, and I know I can do it again, but I would be foolish to ignore the past. This is usually the part where you miss a day, then one becomes two and so on. At least for me. I am inherently a lazy person. Just the way I was built. But seeing these results is a great motivator. Feeling lighter on my feet, having less aches, being able to scratch more of my own back! Who doesn't want all that? So now the honeymoon is over and it's time to work to make my relationship with this diet a successful one. But all being said and done, I'm down from 271 to 268 pounds and from 46.6" to 46.25" from week 4 to 5. Not bad a'tall. Anybody who would like to offer me a recipe to try on this diet, please do so. I am willing to try anything...except anchovies. Oh, and no Pizza Cake until I'm off the diet please. Already been suggested quite a bit!